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Elixir  Facial Serum – 50 ml AU$ 29.00

——– Hand & Body Lotion

Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion – 200 gr AU$ 36.00

Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion – 100 gr AU$ 19.00

Rich Coco and Shea butter base, combined with Aloe-Vera (humectant) holds the moisture on the surface on the skin. Scented with Australian native lemon myrtle essential oil.

——– Scrubs (Exfoliator)

Original Lemon Myrtle Hands & Body Salt Scrub – 300 gr AU$ 30.00

Original Lemon Myrtle Hands & Body Salt Scrub – 125 gr AU$ 20.00

hand and body scrub

Hydro-active mineral rich sea salts exfoliate, enriched with vegetable oils and aromatic pure essential oils.It will regenerate new cells growth through the removal of dead cells, envigorates the skin, encourages micro-circulation and leaving your hands. body and feet velvety soft, hydrated and protected.

Whisking off the top layer of dead skin cells using friction exfoliation,
– Regenerates new cell growth,
– Stimulates micro-circulation,
– Allows moisturizing base oils & invigorating essences to be absorbed more effectively
– Leaves Your Skin Energized And Revitalized
Facial Salt Scrub – 125 gr AU$ 25.00
Facial Scrub
Our range of high quality cold pressed plant based oils with pure essential oils that have unique ability to penetrate the epidermal pathways, hydrating and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that are accentuated by external factors.

——– Soaps

Goat Milk Soaps – 90 gr AU$ 5.00

soap 1

Goat Milk Soaps with Roselina – 90 gr AU$ 5.00

soap 1

Lemon Myrtle Glycerine Soaps – 90gr AU$ 5.00

soap 4


——– Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel 50 ml AU$ 7.00

Kills 99.99% of germs without water.

——– Pain ease balm & Hot Spot Gel

Pain-Ease Balm 100 gr & Hot Spot Gel – 15 gr AU$ 29.00

hot spot gel

——– Facial Moisturisers

Revitalise – Non-Scented Day and Night Facial Moisturiser – 50 gr AU$ 22.00

Anti-Aging D-rose Day Facial Moisturiser – 50 gr AU$ 29.00


An idulgently blended anti-aging moisturiser for mature skin, rich in anti-oxidants to counteract free radicals which cause premature aging.Highly nourishing and moisturising, it helps to re-balance dry skin and is absorbed well.100% Natural, does not contain any chemicals or synthetic fragrances that cause sensitivity or reactions.

——– Facial Serum (Lavender Scent)

Deluxe Facial Serum- 50 gr AU$ 29.00

Facial Serum

D-Rose Facial Serum- 50 gr AU$ 29.00

Rose Serum

Neroli Facial Serum- 50 gr AU$ 29.00

Neroli Serum

——– Massage oils

Lemon Myrtle Massage Oil – 125 ml AU$ 15.00

Aromatic Massage Oil (Prosperity) – 125 ml AU$ 15.00

body serum - prosperity

Insect Repelling Hand Body Serum – 125 ml AU$ 15.00

——– Jojoba Oils

Jojoba Oil – 100 ml AU$ 35.00

Jojoba Oil – 50 ml AU$ 20.00

——– Facial Cleansers

Aloe and Chamomile Face Wash / Acne Skin Condition – 250 gr AU$ 34.00
Aloe and Chamomile Face Wash / Acne Skin Condition – 125 gr AU$ 19.00

Acne Face Wash 

For acne and oily skin

Gentle Face Cleanser – 125 gr AU$ 15.00

For normal to dry skin

——– Essential Oils

Breathe Easy Essential Oil – 10 ml AU$ 15.00

Breathe Easy

NEW Sniff Stick – AU$ 9.00

Sniff Stick

Lavender Essential Oil – 10 ml AU$ 15.00

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil – 10 ml AU$ 15.00

picture coming soon

——– Others

Dry, Itchy, Inflamed Skin Relief Balm – 100 gr AU$ 20.00

Soothing Balm

Colloidal Silver / Soothing Sensitive Skin – 125 ml AU$ 20.00

Colloidal Silver / Soothing Sensitive Skin – 250 ml AU$ 36.00

Colloidal Silver Cream